Printing And Distribution – Catalogues And Flyers

Printing And Distribution – Catalogues And Flyers

Catalogues and flyers remain a powerful marketing medium, but their role has changed. Where they were once a direct-response vehicle, they now drive consumers to the internet to place an order online. Nowhere else can you convey a brand statement of range and branding like a catalogue – and yes it still drives amazing purchase results, both in-store and online!

First a foremost for any print job – any client is looking for the “best price” always – that we can deliver. With our retail background we have printed an infinite about of retail catalogues with buying relationships (hence purchasing power) with the key web printers in Australia. At AAM we can help with all print jobs no matter what size or scale.

With partnerships with printers of all formats and extensive experience in all aspects of the print process in catalogues, flyers and brochures- we are able to help with your printing requirements from start to finish. We understand that getting the job printed on time to the quality to expect are integral in selecting an agency to manage your printing. Meeting the deadline is everything on a print job!

Our Creative Team is also experienced in effective designs for all print media from posters to catalogues and everything in between (if you require print creative also), and we are also able to arrange the delivery / distribution of your print job.

Printing And Design Services We Offer Include;

  • Web printing of large volume catalogues
  • Specialised and customised digital printing
  • Cost efficient sheet fed (offset) printing of brochure, flyers etc
  • Posters of any size or colour
  • Point of Sale material
  • All signage, from small to large format billboard printing
  • All retail display items, such as wobblers and shelf hangers
  • Banner printing
  • Window graphics
  • Custom made banners
  • Car and bus wraps
  • Overseas printing in China or Hong Kong for custom jobs with longer leads times


With years’ experience and longstanding relationships with major distribution companies, All About Media are able to provide you with a proven methodology to help ensure your campaign is a success at the best distribution prices!

Distribution of your retail catalogue or promotional flyers are as equally important as the print job. Many options and tools are available to be able to target your customer the most cost efficient and effective way. The choice is broad from mass or targeted walker drops using our parters Salmat and PMP Distribution, Australia Post UAM or addressed mail, inserts in a wide variety of newspapers and magazines and even area like tip ons and on-serts – there are many options and the AAM team can help you make the right distribution decision for your business.

Our Team Is Able To Provide The Following Distribution Services:

  • Targeted letterbox distribution
  • Have unaddressed or addressed newspapers, catalogues, samples or flyers delivered with Australia Post using our AP accredited distribution partner
  • Catalogue inserts into metro daily, regional and suburban local papers
  • Walker handout distributors in CBD and shopping centre locations. We’ll also manage the approval process
  • Addressed business delivery
  • Contact call centre solutions
  • Designing, printing and then distributing coupons and loyalty cards
  • Specialised articles like magnets

Why Use Catalogues And/Or Flyers?

  • You have the ability to target to your audience via mapping
  • UAM is seen as a helpful tool in finding the latest bargain, saving consumers saving time and money
  • Great readership. Printed material is likely to pass through multiple hands within a household and be kept in the house for over a week before being discarded
  • UAM has the potential to bring a fresh services or products into the home and can provide inspiration and ideas for upcoming events

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