Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

We also deliver seamless multi- channel marketing from AdWords to Facebook and off-line to your website

Your AdWords Account Is A Valuable Asset To Your Business. A Well Managed AdWords Account Will Increase The Value Of Your Business, Lower Your Advertising Costs And Increase Your Profits

Many AdWords managers open an AdWords account on your behalf, but they own it. This means, if you want to leave, you do not get to take the account with you. Sure, they will give you basic data, but this is not the same as owning the account. Your AdWords account has a user name and password, if your AdWords manager will not give you this, chances are you don’t own your account.

When you deal through All About Media, you own your AdWords account, we have no lock in contracts and you can leave at any time with just 30 days notice.​

PPC Delivered Over 200% Increase In Sales Revenue

These year on year results show a 204.3% increase in sales revenue for our client over the period June ’14 to Jan ’15 compared to the same period the previous year.

We took over this account in May 2014 and after some adjustment and trial and error, we have managed to consistently out perform the previous account manager.

We Also Delivered A 52% Increase In Search Traffic

Our Multi-Channel marketing philosophy means we do not manage your AdWords account in isolation of the big picture. AdWords is only one component of your marketing mix.

We take the time to look and the big picture for you, we assess your brand, discuss your marketing mix and where we can, we refer you to our media buyers to secure additional offline and online advertising.

We also consider organic search traffic as a bell weather indicator on the engagement with your brand both off and online.​

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