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Reaching a reader genuinely interested in a particular category or segment can never be more effective than a magazine that’s consumed by the audience when and where they choose. Effective engagement is paramount and magazines deliver this to your customer!

There has been many people in the media talking of the demise of magazine advertising and it has had a correction in the market, but the key fundamentals remain the same – and magazines readership is STRONG! In the right title that compliments your brand there is no medium like it and people still love reading magazines in a time that suits them without all the other media clutter!

Our Magazine Media Buying Service Includes Ad Space Of All Sizes, Advertorials, Features And Promotions In All Magazines

We first assess the magazines deemed as suitable for your brand and then refine this list to a recommendation based on your specific objectives and budgetary requirements.

We’re able to deliver market leading magazine media buying discounts due to our longstanding relationships with publishers and extensive knowledge of the magazine market. Our focus is on ensuring that the right magazine opportunities are chosen to get you the best possible return on your advertising expenditure!​

Our Creative Team are also available to assist with the design of your magazine advertisement and distribution to the publication. We understand the essential balance between aesthetics and copy that sells!

Did you know?–

Bauer Managing Director reported that they sell 6 magazines a second 24/7 with 85% of those on the news stand!

Why Advertise In Magazines

  • Magazines are a self-paced medium, meaning advertisers can provide detailed information about a product
  • You can target particular traits and demographics that are relevant to your brand
  • Readers are more receptive to your ads due to their desire to learn about or enjoy a particular topic the magazine focuses on
  • High longevity and readership across multiple titles (particularly monthly titles)
  • Cross platform offerings are available to maximise your exposure (e.g. apps, online sites and social media integration)
  • Magazine advertisements are often viewed by readers as a source of information

To find out how our magazine media planning and buying services can help your business, please contact one of our Account Managers on 1300 800 811.

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