Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

No marketing strategy is complete without embracing internet marketing, from your website to social media and online advertising strategies

We Manage Your AdWords / Pay Per Click Advertising

We also deliver seamless multi- channel marketing from AdWords to facebook and from off-line to your website

Your AdWords account is a valuable asset to your business. A well managed AdWords account will increase the value of your business and lower your advertising costs and increase your profit.

Display Banners

The world of display advertising can be a daunting one. With so many sites with offering advertising opportunities, how do you know where to start and which sites will provide you with the best return on your investment?

That’s what the team at All About Media is here for. With access to advertising on every site and extensive knowledge of the digital space and what rates you really should be paying, our focus is on making sure that your ad not only reaches but also sells to your market! We know digital advertising back to front, and are able to provide you with a recommendation of an aggressive display advertising campaign that meets your objectives and provides you with the best return. As a highly measurable medium, we are focused on ensuring that your ad performs and are able to provide you with a post campaign report. So if it’s a niche website to a large portal like MI9, Yahoo7, etc we can make it happen!​

Social Media

There’s no denying that Social Media is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy but commercially is it right to you to invest in and to what degree and how ? That’s where we come in. Social Media usage continues to be on the rise, with customers ready and willing to engage with your product or service via relevant and current content. A study completed showed that in 2014, 46% of people surveyed use social media once a day. The same study found that Facebook users use the site around 30 times a week (Sensis, 2014).

Social Media use is cost effective and efficient, with growth on different channels having been exponential. It also provides the ability for businesses to learn from their customers / clients, and strengthen relationships with them – a great gateway to selling their products or services!

However getting it right and having the right expectations of your social media campaign is essential. Our team and partners have the skills to make the most out of your social media, and are able to help maximise exposure for your business. Call today to speak to one of team to find out more!


No longer can you rely on all your targeted eyeballs watching only traditional broadcast television – increasingly your target audience will want to watch video content and programming on what they want when they want! An online video digital campaign has become a necessity therefore, todays audiences are consuming content on their phones, tablets and computers every day more and more..

This is a market that is rapidly changing and evolving with an array of various formats and options and media buying methods. A very common solution within this space is pre-roll ad, this is a promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected. The video advertisements are often repurposed television ads, sometimes shortened to 15 seconds, can be very effective but not the only option. The AAM team will look to evaluate your brand and objectives to come up with the best video solution for your business. This can be isolated via a You Tube campaign via the Google platform or a more diverse audience targeted buy across a DSP into a wide array of video properties.

By using iVideo as one of you media solutions you will benefit from:

  • Leverage film assets to drive production cost
  • Targeting capabilities- demo, affinity, time of day, contextual, behavioural, key words.
  • Capitalise on the rise of catch up TV
  • Measurable
  • Less competitive clutter in pre- rolls

Website Creative

Getting your creative messaging and brand identity right is absolutely essential when building up your website and if leads you want, then it also must convert to sales! Your website is often the first place that your target market looks at, and the information you provide them along with the way it’s delivered determines their likelihood to contact you or purchase your product. It needs to cut through the clutter to stand out from your competitors, be straight forward to navigate and most importantly have an appropriate call to action!

Having worked on websites for an extensive range of products and services, our creative team is well versed in knowing how to make your product / service sell! We offer advice and recommendations on both new and existing websites that may need an update / rebuild, and pride ourselves on the end result.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a great targeted tool in generating new business and building customer loyalty. We’re able to provide you with information about rental lists and also different types of eDM’s – whether they are solace or banner. We can even look at cost per lead (CPL).

All About Media can help with your eDM campaigns from start to finish – including assistance in copywriting, design and recommendation on the best solution to meet you advertising objectives. As a highly measurable medium, we are focused on ensuring that your eDM and are able to provide you with a post campaign report.

Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that mobile use is skyrocketing, but how do you make the most of increased media consumption for your business? For millions of people, the first thing we do when we wake is to reach for our phone and connect, with many of us connecting to our device within 5 minutes of waking (Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey, 2014). Today, 77% of people access news on their mobile device than on television making it more popular than television (Fairfax, 2015)! A huge 3,156,000 Australians access publisher’s mobile sites each month (Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey, 2014).

Mobile advertising is on the rise and increasingly becoming a stronger part of the digital mix. If you need an expert to guide you in this ever expanding medium contact us today.​

Native Advertising

New and exciting and often highly targeted digital methods are rapidly emerging – and “native advertising” is one of these. Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. For example, an article written by an advertiser to promote their product, but using the same form as an article written by the editorial staff. The word “native” refers to the content’s coherence with other media on the platform.

One form of native advertising is publisher-produced branded content, is similar in concept to a traditional advertorial, which is a paid placement attempting to look like an article.

Formats for native advertising include promoted videos, images, articles, commentary, music and other media. Examples of the technique include Search advertising (ads appearing alongside search results are native to the search experience) and Twitter with promoted Tweets, trends and people.

Other examples include Facebook’s promoted stories or Tumblr’s promoted posts.​

Content marketing is another form of native advertising, placing sponsor-funded content alongside editorial content or showing “other content you might be interested in” which is sponsored by a marketer alongside editorial recommendations.

Moreover, many companies advertise their content to users based on their previous search histories, but the difference between native advertising and other types of marketing techniques is that such ads can be promoted through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.​

 Programmatic Advertising – Display, Video, Native and Audio

A programmatic marketing platform is a newer addition to the online marketing platform allowing highly targeted campaigns and is all the buzz this year! The most widely available and cost-effective form of programmatic advertising is known as real time bidding (RTB). This is where we use Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to purchase online ads for their clients.

Our team is up to date the latest in online marketing.

Programmatic is simply: The automation of the buying and selling process by technology, accompanied by real time data to drive the best possible results.​

The most widely available and cost-effective form of programmatic advertising is known as real time bidding (RTB). This is where Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are used to purchase online ads for clients in an auction style marketplace in real time.

Generally, programmatic buying is similar to programmatic stock trading insofar as buying happens as the result of a computational proxy bidding on behalf of human masters.​

It works in the following way:​

  • Bid on an advertising inventory source
  • Through an advertising exchange
  • In real time

Why is programmatic management effective?

  • Waste less money; on poorly-targeted impressions or impressions delivered to fulfill a bulk inventory purchase.
  • Yield management; move away from broad, segment-based buys to very finely grained, individual buys.
  • Actionable insights; enhance your comprehension of the ideal customer based on what works for your campaign at the individual impression level.
  • Retargeting; more effective with the ability to target the desired customer across all addressable display/video environments
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