Television Advertising

Television Advertising

Television is one of the best media channels to deliver your brand to a highly targeted audience

At All About Media, we are experts in planning and buying television advertising campaigns across a wide range of industries and networks including nationally on subscription television (Foxtel, all metro, regional and even community networks). Our many years of experience and strong media relationships will benefit you with competitive rates, value and understanding on most importantly on what works! We can help you plan a television media buying strategy ideally suited to meet your business objectives and maximise your return on investment. Our team is able to provide a one stop shop for creation and production of your television commercial, relevant approvals required and deliver it on air in the best possible broadcast quality to make sure your campaign delivers results!

Television media buying requires a combination of many factors to make the end result a successful campaign and it all comes from the brief which we will guide you through and manage your expectations accordingly.

Having access to critical media buying tools and analytics combined with 20 years+ of industry knowledge, countless successful campaigns over various genre’s, direct relationships with all television networks (STV/FTA) and being measured with transparency on a successful delivery of a TV campaign all combined will ensure we deliver a proven successful campaign for your business. Whether it be a high frequency buy in off peak media, prime time placement of “must watch TV” a multi layered cross platform approach (also utilising emerging areas such as online video platforms – ie YouTube) we can deliver the best value television buy for you!​

Direct Response Advertising Is Ideal For Television

As with all media platforms, we are leaders in direct response methods of advertising. Our strength is both in the planning and buying of a campaign but also optimising along the way to ensure it delivers the desired MER (media efficiency ratio) you are looking to achieve.

All businesses have different key performance factors and what makes up a product and campaign and therefore the expectations around this. We understand this and can guide you in this process, again from the initial concept, creative, forecasts, all the back end requirements of making a DR campaign work and of course the media buy and measurement during and post campaign.

Why Advertise On Television?

  • Television gives a product or service instant validity and prominence
  • Great geographic flexibility to tailor a campaign to specific market
  • Ability to target your key consumer via a high impact medium
  • High reach that translates to low cost per exposure
  • It's the best medium to build or enhance a brand

Call us TODAY to determine how your brand can benefit from one of the most powerful forms of traditional advertising – TV sells!

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